Demountable wooden circus structure from La Construction Moderne, February 1893.

A little under twenty years ago I sent my first book on portable architecture to the publisher. Yes there were computers, and I did send it on disk (floppy ones which were actually protected in hard plastic covers) but all the images were analogue – slides, photographs, photocopies and hand drawings. Last week I sent my new version of this first book off to the publisher on a single CD. Even that was redundant really as I could have just downloaded it to their ftp site …but there is something, for an author at least, about walking down to the post office with a padded envelope and a stamp that has an air of finality about it.

That act is connected to this one – starting a blog. Like all writers I use the internet exhaustively and to exhaustion (my own). It has become invaluable and inevitable. I have always written in my sketchbook –  but to write in public for comment is a different thing entirely. I’ve been reluctant I admit -not sure why as there is plenty of my stuff out there already… but I have been so inspired by the varied and exciting ideas and images from people all over the world thinking about and doing work in all kinds of subject areas that I have come to the conclusion its payback time. In no particular order or planned strategy this blog will simply concern what’s happening in my version of the architectural world… two decades after my writing seriously began. As John said to Yoko:

“It will be just like starting over….”